Scriptcase 9.4 New

Version 9.4 brings with it a new design concept for applications generated by continuing UX implementations. Its most modern and elegant applications.

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Scriptcase 9.3

New features and functionalities in the development of reports, new options in the exportaées with a great focus on generating it from PDFs. Also in the filter fields, in the development interface and new API for integrated messaging by Whatsapp .

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Scriptcase 9.2

Native integration with SMS, Paypal Express and Pagseguro services, new field types, application shortcut keys, new filter options and more.

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Scriptcase 9.1

This release starts the world of APIs and integrations with powerful technologies in services such as email, SMS and storage services. Also implementations in filters, code editor and more.

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Scriptcase 9

Implementations focused on Business Intelligence, with complete overhaul of Graphics, Queries, Summaries - Pivot Tables and Dashboards, security module enhancements, PDF Report, Menu, development interface redesign and performance enhancement with PHP7, and much more. .

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