Line Chart - Product Evaluation
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Product Name Supplier Price Rating
Chai Exotic Liquids $21.78
Chang 555 Exotic Liquids $22.99
Aniseed Syrup Exotic Liquids $12.10
Chef Anton´s Cajun Seasoning New Orleans Cajun Delights $26.62
Chef Anton´s Gumbo Mix New Orleans Cajun Delights $25.41
Grandma´s Boysenberry Spread Grandma Kelly's Homestead $30.25
Uncle Bob´s Organic Dried Pears Grandma Kelly's Homestead $36.30
Northwoods Cranberry Sauce Grandma Kelly's Homestead $48.40
Mishi Kobe Niku Tokyo Traders $117.37
Ikura Tokyo Traders $37.51
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