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Credit Limit
ALFKI Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders s Sales Representative 07/27/1974 GERMANY $3,367.41
ANATR Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados Ana Trujillo Owner 02/10/1976 MEXICO $7,371.95
ANTON Antonio Moreno Taqueriila Antonio Moreno Owner 03/04/1977 ARGENTINA $6,757.53
AROUT Around the Horn Thomas Hardy Sales Representative 10/10/1974 UNITED KINGDOM $1,671.79
BERGS Berglunds snabbkop Christina Berglund Order Administrator 01/22/1976 SWEDEN $8,086.38
BLAUS Blauer See Delikatessen Hanna Moos Sales Representative 05/11/1975 UNITED STATES $5,416.53
BLONP Blondesddsl pere et fils Frederique Citeaux Marketing Manager 03/07/1978 FRANCE $2,823.51
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