With the new Scriptcase macro, it is now possible to define the name of the file that will be exported.
Click in the Export button and see that the exported file will have a fixed link name: my_file .

parolini Christina Berglund Order Administrator
Blauer See Delikatessen Hanna Moos Sales Representative
Bolido Comidas preparadas Martin Sommer Owner
Bon appart Laurence Lebihan Owner
Bottom-Dollar Markets Elizabeth Lincoln Accounting Manager
Bs Beverages Victoria Ashworth Sales Representative
Cactus Comidas para llevar Patricio Simpson Sales Agent
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Marketing Manager
Chop-suey Chinese Yang Wang Owner
Comercio Mineiro Pedro Afonso Sales Associate
Consolidated Holdings Elizabeth Brown Sales Representative
Drachenblut Delikatessen Sven Ottlieb Order Administrator
Du monde entier Janine Labrune Owner
Eastern Connection Ann Devon Sales Agent
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel Sales Manager
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