Advanced filter with predefined initial value

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to create an Advanced Search application with a predefined initial value.
It is used to filter queries depending on a field in question and predefined logical functions.

1.We will create a new Grid application based on the employees table.

2. We go to the Search option and select the advanced search option and click on Select fields.

3. Once in the option, click on Select fields and choose “employeeid”
The fields that will be shown will go to the field on the right.

4. Adding a predefined initial value

This is useful when we need to have an initial field, to do so, just go to the field option and choose to select, in this case, the field configured in the search is “employeeid”:

5. The last step, we’ll set up the option seed value

6 .
Finally, select the “Run Application” button on the top toolbar to generate the Grid.

O atributo alt desta imagem está vazio. O nome do arquivo é 05_filter_modal.png

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