Button Grouping

In this tutorial, you will see how to use button grouping on the application toolbar. The following additional resources will be used:

  • Button group

Creating a new query


If you have any questions about how to create a Query, visit: Create a new Grid

1.Create a new application “Grid” and select the sample table “Orders “.

2. Also in the application creation window, if you want a better view of the Query, select the “EDIT FIELDS” tab and change the Label of the fields.


If you already have a data dictionary created and it is associated with the repository, the labels will already be defined. To learn about the data dictionary, visit Data Dictionary.

Grid application settings.

1.In the application menu, access the item “Toolbar”.

2. First we must choose which tools to show for this we use the buttons in the middle to add the tools to the right.

This is the upper toolbar, the lower one is equal

3. Once the tools to be displayed have been selected, we must group them in a button. To do this we can select several tools by pressing the key “ctrl + click” then we press the “Add” button.

4. Then we will configure the group as follows and click Add.

No label também podemos adicionar atributos da tradução do idioma para que ela mude de acordo com o idioma que você deseja.

5. Finally, select the “Run application” button on the toolbar to generate the query.

To see more examples created with Scriptcase, go to: Examples: Complete systems and applications with Scriptcase

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