Capture information from a grid

This example demonstrates a very useful feature for obtaining information regarding a grid field in the external list when updating a record. Two applications are created (a grid and a form). In the application form to capture the data through a link selecting a record.

Creating the Grid application.

1. Create a new grid application based on the categories in the table.

2. In the applications menu, open the Grid folder and click Grid Modules.

3. Change the Pagination attribute to Total. This option hides all navigation buttons in the Grid.

4. In the application menu, click on the Positioning fields element.

5. Select only the CategoryID and CategoryName fields.

6. Click on the toolbar of the Grid folder

7. Remove all buttons from the lower toolbar and leave only the Exit button on the upper toolbar.

8. Generate the source code of the grid by clicking Generate Source on the ScriptCase toolbar.

Creating the form application.

9. Create a new simple form application based on the products in the table.

10. Select the Create link option in the Links folder.

11. Click Create new link, select the link type Capture and the category ID field. Click Next.

12. Select the grid application created previously (item 1). Continue until you complete the link creation according to the steps in the wizard.

13. Click on the “Run application” button.

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