Chart with link to another chart

In this example, we will see how to create and use a link between Charts, which will allow the end user to navigate from a chart to show the details of a record in another chart.

Creating the Grid application

1. We will create a new Grid application based on the order table.

2. Open the “Group By” guide in the application menu, then click on “Static Grouping >> New Grouping“.

3. Select the fields: “employeeid” and “shipregion”.

4. Return to the initial options “Grid Modules

5. Mark the “Graph” as the initial module and enable only the modules: “Grid and“ Graph. ”

6. Access the“ Summary ”guide in the menu of the application, then click on “Graphics >> Settings.

7. Under “Create link in the table,” change to “Link to the grid.” Use the other table settings according to the image below, or the settings you prefer .

8. Click the button “Run application

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