Connections between applications

In this example we will be seeing how to make a connection between applications within the Dashboard.

Creating the connection

1 – The first thing we are going to do is within the application that is going to call the other first we pass the value of the field as a parameter in a global variable that will then be used to filter the other application.

In this example we will be using two applications of the Grid type, one that will contain an order table followed by its employees or the name of the employees:

In the first event we should create within the “Orders” application, we will create an AJAX event of the employeeid field, so the event will be OnClick and within the same event we will be passing the value of the field in a Global variable:

2 – Then, within the “employees” application, we proceed to filter the data by emplyeeid that will also be stored in a global variable, within the SQL option:

3 – Then we turn to the “orders” application to link to the “employees” application, where we first select the application with which we are going to link, then select the parameters that the other application will receive.

4 – Finally we go to our application of the Dashboard type that is the one that will contain both applications and is the one that will perform the update of one depending on the other, so, what we are going to do is create a Widget that will contain Product application.

We proceed to create a Widget of the Link type, in the field where the link should go we select the one of “Product”, and then it should already show us the application that will be called that of “Family Products”.

In which in the option “Objective” we select the option “Create Widget Automatically”:

It would look like this:

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