Creating link to edit a record from Grid

This tutorial shows how to create a link between a grid and a form. Using a link, the record opens directly to edit it from the grid. ScriptCase Grid applications have a built-in search function, it is very useful to find a record using the grid search function and, when necessary, edit it using the link.

Creating Grid and Form applications.

1. Create a new form application using the employee table. Define the application name to grid16_1.

2. Now, click on the Generate Font icon on the main ScriptCase toolbar.

3. Create a new grid application using the employee table. Define the name of the application to grid16.

Creating a new link between the grid and the form

4. Open the Links folder in the menu, and click on Create new link

5. Choose the application as the link type and click Next

6. Choose the grid16_1 form and click In Next

7. Define the primary key that will be sent to the grid16_1 form. Choose the Field option and select the EmployeeID field. Click Next to continue.

8. The last step is to establish the link properties. Set the “Modal” option to the “Link operation mode” property, then set Yes to the “Display button (new row) property on the grid toolbar” and click Save.

9. Click on the “Run application” button.

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