Customers Report

This tutorial shows how to create a grid ready to export PDF reports and print friendly report pages. It also shows how to perform a specific calculation within a grid.

Creating a new Grid

1. Create a new grid application using the customer table.

2. Open the toolbar menu.

3. Select First, Previous, Next, Last, Row Limit, PDF and Print Align to center on the top toolbar.

Creating the calculated field

4. Open the Fields folder and click on the New field option.

5. Enter 1 for the quantity attribute and click Next.

6. Choose Text for the Type attribute and set Status to Name and Label, then click Create.

Field calculation in the OnRecord event

7. Open the Events folder and click the OnRecord option.

8. Add the following code to the selected event:

if({CreditLimit} ≪= 2000) {
{Status} = "Poor";
sc_field_color ("Status" "# AA0000");
{Status} = "Rich";
sc_field_color ("Status" "# 0000AA");

9. Click the Run button on the toolbar.

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