Dynamic menu

This example shows how to dynamically assemble the elements and sub-elements of a menu application retrieving the values ​​from the database.

Creating a menu

1. Create a new application “Menu“.

2. Access the “event” folder and click on onLoad.

3. Use the following code:

sc_appmenu_reset (mcr14); 
sc_appmenu_create (mcr14);
sc_lookup (dscategories, "SELECT categoryid, CategoryName FROM categories");

foreach ({dscategories} as $ arr_category) {

sc_appmenu_add_item (mcr14, 'item _'. $ arr_category [0] ,, $ arr_category [1], mcr14_2, catid = $ arr_category [0]; catname = $ arr_category [1],,);

$ sSQL = "SELECT productid, productname FROM products 
WHERE categoryid = '". $ Arr_category [0]."' ";

sc_lookup (dsproducts, $ sSQL);

if (! empty ({dsproducts}))
foreach ({dsproducts} as $ arr_product) {

sc_appmenu_add_item ('mcr14', 'item _'. $ arr_category [0]. $ arr_product [0], 'item _'. $ arr_category [0], $ arr_product [1], mcr14_1, prodid = $ arr_product [0],,, );

Note: mcr14_2 and mcr14_1 are applications that will be opened by the menu option.

4. Just run the application

The macro group in the “sc_appmenu” menu will perform the dynamic creation of the items. To learn more about these macros and other menu macros, access the full documentation .

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