Editable Grid using a multi-selectable Combobox

In some cases we need to select more than one option, but imagine that we have 5 or even worst 10 options, the grid will be displayed will be so large loosing so much space, but don’t worry we can handle this situation by grouping all those options into one select and show into the screen all the checkbox into one single dropdown menu.

In this example, a form of “Editable Grid View” will be developed using the multiple selection combo box function.

Creating a Form

1. Create a new type of application Form “Editable Grid View” based on the task table.

2. Access the configuration of the field “taskpredecessor” in the application menu and configure the field of type “Select

3. Within the field configuration, go to the tab “Edit lookup“, where we use the following SQL

SELECT taskid, taskname
FROM tasks
WHERE taskid & lt; & gt; {taskid} AND projectid = {projectid}
ORDER BY taskname

4. Select the options for “multiple values” and “Use drop-down menu with checkbox

5. Click the Run button on the toolbar.

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