Fixed Columns in the Summary

In this example, we will see the option to fix columns in the Summary module of the Grid applications. In this way, we can horizontally scroll the content of the application without losing sight of the fixed columns.

Creating the Grid application

1.  Create a new  “Grid” application  and select the “Sales” sample table  .

If you have any questions on how to create a query, go to:  Creating a new query

2.  In the initial application settings, select the modules as shown in the image.

3. Access now the menu ” Group by >> Static Group by >> New Group by ” and select the fields according to the image.

4.  We will also configure Dynamic Group by. Click on “ Group by> Dynamic Group by >  Select fields ” and Select the fields according to the image.

5.  Still in  Group by , access the “ Configuration ” menu to select the dynamic break to be the initial break.

6. Access the “ Summary> Configuration ” Menu now to enable the option of Fixed columns .

7. Finally, click on the “Run Application” button  on the toolbar to generate the application.

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