Form Multiple Records

The Multiple Records form is one of the main forms of Scriptcase where the information is shown as locked but the user can still edit in a modal windows by using the ‘edit’ icon and then update all the changes on that record by clicking on the ‘update’ icon, or even delete the whole record by clicking on the ‘trash’ icon

In this example, a form of the type “Multiple records” will be developed using resources: boundary lines, page links, calculator and numeric field with the option Turn up / down.

Creating a Form

1. Create a new type of request form (Multiple Registrations) based on the Order Details table.

2. Access the “Toolbar” item from the application menu


3. Add the “Line Limit” and “Navigation per page” button on the toolbar.

4. Also in the “Toolbar” item, go to the “Options” tab and setup according to the image below.

5. In the application menu, go to the “UnitPrice” field setting from the Fields folder.

6. In the “Value format” check the “screen calculator”.

7. Access the “quantity” edition and in the “Value format” check “use turn”.

8. Click the Run application button.

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