Form with multiple images upload

What makes the Scriptcase forms great are the number of interesting types of validations, as well as the different types of fields, images, files and, all the selecting options including slider buttons, checkboxes, selects, dropdowns among others. Into the forms, we can also manage more than one image file simultaneously.

In this example, we will develop a form of “Single Registry” type in which we can see the function of loading multiple files.

Note: To use this function, we have a table in the database, capable of receiving uploaded files. For example:

CREATE TABLE `files_table` (
`fileid` INT(11) NOT NULL,
`userid` INT(11) DEFAULT NULL,
`binaryvalue` longblob,
` filename` VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT NULL,
`filetype` VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`fileid`)

Creating Form ————-

1. Create a new type of application form “single record” based on the Employees table.

2. We will create a new field called “Picture” following this couple steps; Open “Fields, then click on New field” from the application menu.

3. For the Data Type choose the value “Image(Database)”, this will call the new data field “image”. 

4. In the application menu, scroll down to the “picture” field setting.

5. In “Multiple Load”, use the settings according to the image below.

6. Click on the Run application button to execute it.

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