Form with Treeview blocks

Scriptcase Forms are integrated with Blocks where each one can contain different fields with some specific properties such as orientation and open it – closed or open.

In this example, a form application is created using the tree view type blocks.

Creating a new form

1. Create a new simple form application based on the Customers table.

2. In the application menu, open the folder “Layout” and drop down to Blocks.

3. Create a new block by clicking on the Create new block button.

4. Enter the name and label for Block1 and in the same line, arrange the way you would like it using the boxes from width and collapse. In this case we are expanding to 100% width.

5. Create a new block with the name and label for Block2 and Collapsed, respectively.

6. Set the blocks the same as it is in the image below.

Organizing the fields in the block.

7. In the application menu, click on Field Positioning.

8. Organize the fields according to the following table:


9. Click the Run button on the toolbar.

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