Image field on a grid

This tutorial shows how to create a slide grid field with image.

Creating a new grid

1. Create a new grid application using the categories table.

2. Then, on the Grid Modules menu, set these attributes according to the following table:

Archived image settings

3. Open the Fields folder and click on the Image field.

4. Set Data Type to Image (Database) to save the images in the database. It is possible to save the images as separate files, but only when the field type must be VARCHAR in the table (this VARCHAR will contain the name of the image file in the database). To save saved images as files, set Data Type to Image (File Name)

5. Set the Image Height and Image Width properties to 200.

Grid block settings

6. Open the Design folder and click the Blocks option.

7. Set the Label Position and Columns to Top and 2 respectively.

8. Run the application

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