Internationalization support

In this sample, a report will be created in several languages.
Let’s start by selecting the available languages

1. The languages ​​available for this application are selected when creating the project, but it is possible to edit the language list at any time using the menu: Project – Properties

2. Select the Local tab.

3. At the top we can select the language and regional settings that will be added to the project. At the bottom we can see a list of all the languages ​​and regional settings that have been added to the project and that will be available for the generated applications. Select according to need.

Note: the messages, buttons and suggestions of the application are automatically updated to reflect the choice of the language of the end user. It is also possible to automatically translate field labels and personalized messages using the language editor.

Creating the grid application

1. Create a new grid application based on the Customers table.

2. Click on the toolbar menu.

3. Add languages ​​to the grid. Generate a language selector (select object) in the toolbar.

4. Save the app and execute

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