Mind maps on forms

In this tutorial we will see the steps that must be followed to create a form with a mind map.

Form application creation

1 – Create a “ Single Record ” form application

2 – Add a new field to the form. This will be of the “label” type, the name will be chart_mindmap.

3 – Access “Layout >> Blocks” to place the position of the labels above the fields.

4 – Access “Edit fields” and organize the fields according to the image.

5 – Access the edition of the “mindmap_jason” field

6 – Check the “hidden field” option

7 – Now we are going to create a Javascript function that will be in charge of building the mindmap. Go to “Programming >> JavaScript Methods >> New Method”.

8 – The function name will be “ drawChart ”, and the code:

ar_langs = arrLangs.split(";");
var mind_data = {};
if (jsonobj == 0 ){
	mind_data = {
						"name":"jsMind remote",
							{"id":"easy1","topic":"Easy to show"},
							{"id":"easy2","topic":"Easy to edit"}
							{"id":"open","topic":"Open Source","direction":"right","children":[
							{"id":"open1","topic":"on GitHub", "background-color":"#eee", "foreground-color":"blue"},
							{"id":"open2","topic":"BSD License"}
							{"id":"powerful1","topic":"Base on Javascript"},
							{"id":"powerful2","topic":"Base on HTML5"}
							{"id":"other","topic":"test node","direction":"left","children":[
							{"id":"other1","topic":"Im from local variable"},
							{"id":"other2","topic":"I can do everything"}
	mind_data = JSON.parse(jsonobj);

		var mind_options = {
			container: 'mindmap',
			theme: 'scriptcase',
			editable: true

		var mind = jsMind.show(mind_options,mind_data);
		var mind_tree = {};

			// Actual items
			mind_tree = JSON.stringify(mind_tree.data);

			// Append menu
			$('jmnode').append('<div class="node-menu"><span></span><ul><li class="item-add"><a href="#">New node</a></li><li class="item-del"><a href="#">Remove node</a></li></ul></div>');
			// Open Menu
			$('jmnode .node-menu span').click(function(e){

			// Refresh node tree
			function refreshMindTree() {
				mind_tree = jsMind.current.get_data();					
				var objstr = mind_tree;
				mind_tree = JSON.stringify(mind_tree.data);
				document.getElementById(strJsonFld).value = JSON.stringify(objstr);
			// Add item
			$('.item-add a').click(function(e){

				var node_selected = mind.get_selected_node();
				var node_topic = 'test';
				var node_id = jsMind.util.uuid.newid();

				mind.add_node(node_selected, node_id, node_topic);
				// Refresh node tree

			// Remove item
			$('.item-del a').click(function(e){

				var node_selected = mind.get_selected_node();
				node_selected = node_selected.id;


				// Refresh node tree

			// Click outside to hide menu
			$('html, body').click(function(){
				$('jmnode.selected .node-menu').removeClass('active')

9 – Use the option to enter parameters in the function call.

10 – We will use 3 parameters: jsonobj , strJsonFld and arrLangs

11 – Finally, within the onLoad event, the following code is added

{chart_mindmap} = '<div id="mindmap" style="width:98%;height:350px;"></div>';

	{mindmap_json} = 0;


// Call javascript function
$langs = {lang_mindmaps_update}.";".{lang_mindmaps_layout}.";".{lang_mindmaps_undo}.";".{lang_mindmaps_redo}.";".{lang_mindmaps_save}.";".{lang_mindmaps_load};

sc_ajax_javascript( 'drawChart', array({mindmap_json}, 'id_sc_field_mindmap_json',$langs) );

12 – Now we save and run the application

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