Officials by Region

In this tutorial we will be creating a dashboard of officials for each region.

Creating dashboard applications

1 – Application 1: The first Dashboard application that we will display is a stacking chart showing employee sales by region.

2 – Application 2: Order form

2.1 – Create a new “Single Record” Form application based on the “orders” table

2.2 – In “Layout >> Blocks”, we will create a new block and configure them according to the image.

2.3 – In “edit fields”, we will select the display fields and organize them among the available blocks:

2.4 – Generate the source of the application.

3 – Application 3: Employee sales summary by region.

3.1 – Create a Query type application using the “sales” table.

3.2 – To enable the Summary in the Grid, we must create a Group by, then we will create it through the Menu “Group by> Static Group by> New Group by”.

3.4 –   Go back to the “Grid Modules” options and activate only “Grid” and “Summary”, and place “Summary” as the initial module.

4 – Creating the Dashboard

4.1 – Create a new Dashboard application. 

4.2 – In the Dashboard configuration, click on “Add Connection Widget”.

4.3 – In the first widget, add the Graph application by clicking on the pencil icon, then type the name of the application and click save.

4.4 – In the second widget, add the Order Form application by clicking on the pencil icon, then type the name of the application and click save.

4.5 – Add one more widget to display the Employee Sales Summary application by region.

5 – Run the application.

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