Pivot table or crosstab summary

This sample shows a very important functionality: Summary of the “cross table” style.

Creating a new report

1. Create a new report based on the following SQL statement.

companies C INNER JOIN R ON Creleases.CompanyID = R.CompanyID
INNER JOIN D ON RDepartments.DeptID = D.DeptID

2. Select the fields C.CompanyName, D.DeptName and R.DateRelease. To do this, click Select fields.

Creating the groupings.

3. Open the Group By folder and click on “Static Grouping >> New Grouping“.

4. Select the fields: C.CompanyName and D.DeptName and click Enable / Disable.

Creating a total

5. Click Totals and then click Fields.

6. Select the R.ValueRelease field and then click SUM.

Setting the cross-reference table summary option

7. Return to the initial options “Grid

modules8 Mark the “Summary” as the initial module and enable it and the “Graph“.

9. Access the Summary and click Settings.

10. Change the “Record count” property to “do not show” and the position of the “C.CompanyName” field for the “X axis.

11. Click on the “Run application” button.

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