Printing an invoice

In this example, a PDF report is used to create an invoice.

Creating a PDF report

1. Create a new PDF report application using the following SQL statement:

CustomerID, OrderID, OrderDate, ShipName, ShipAddress,
ShipCity, ShipPostalCode, ShipCountry, PriceOrder

2. In the PDF Report menu – > Configuration, change the attribute PDF Format to Letter (216 x 279 mm) and in Create Search check yes.

3. Open the Source and Background tab.

4. The Image attribute defines the background image of the report. To select an image, click on the Send icon next to the field. If the desired image is not in the list, it is possible to load a new one by clicking on the second Send icon.

5. The image used in this sample is the same as the one below, save it to your computer and load it to your ScriptCase (right click on the image and click Save Image As).

Creating a Subselect

6. Now create a new field of the Subselection type to display the invoice items. Open the Fields folder in the menu and click on New Field.

7. Enter 1 in quantity and click Next.

8. Choose Subselect Type, enter order_details in Name and click Create.

9. Change Increment to 5. Choose the connection and then choose the order_details table. Change the subselect according to the image below:

10. Change the SQL statement by adding a field called total and a WHERE clause as the image below:

11. Click Save on the ScriptCase toolbar.

Configuring the fields

12. Open the Fields folder in the menu, open order_details and click order_details.ProductID.

13. Open the Lookup tab of the Grid and enter the SQL statement according to the following image:

Editing the position of the fields.

14. Open the PDF Layout item in the menu and click Interface.

15. Now edit the cell position, font family, size, alignment and more. To see more options click on the Send icon.

16. Edit the cells according to the following information:

CellX PositionY PositionFont SizeFont Style

Setting up search

17. Open the Search folder in the menu.

18. Select only the OrderID field.

19. Open the Fields folder in the menu and click OrderID.

20. Change the Data Type attribute to Select.

21. Open the Search Search tab and enter the SQL statement according to the following image:

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