Quick Search Option

In this tutorial, you will see how to set up a Filter for Quick Searches in the Grid application, using the following additional resources:

  • Quick Search.

Creating a new Grid Application.


If you have any questions about how to create a grid:  Creating a new aplication

1. Create a new “Grid” application and select the “Products” sample table.

2. In the Grid application, go to the “Search” tab and click in “Quick Search >> Select Fields“.

3. In Quicksearch Layout, select the “ extended ” option and check the option for “ Highlight results “.

4.  On the Settings tab  for Individual Search by field , select the option for ” Use the fields displayed in the application “.

5.  In the Settings tab  for search in the option ‘All Fields’ , select the option “ All Fields added to the fields of Individual Search “.

6.  In the “ Search Criteria ” tab,  select the criteria that will be available in the Search, according to the image.

6. Finally, select the  “Run Application” button  on the toolbar to generate the Query .

To see more examples created using Scriptcase, go to: https://www.scriptcase.net/samples/

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