Quick Search Option

In this example, we can see how to configure the search without leaving the Grid application using the quick search.

Creating a new Grid Application.


If you have any questions about how to create a grid:  Creating a new aplication

1. Create a new “Grid” application and select the “Products” sample table.

2. In the Grid application, go to the “Filter” tab and click in “Quick Search >> Select Fields“.

3. In the first tab, select the fields that will be part of the Quick Search, that is, the fields that can be shown in the Search.

4. In the second tab, we select the fields in which the search is performed when the option “All fields” is selected.

5. Select the search criteria in the third tab.

6. Click on “Run application

To see more examples created using Scriptcase, go to: https://www.scriptcase.net/samples/

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