Select field using Ajax to reload select field

Tutorial:with AJAX

Field reloading This example covers the development of a search application using the reloading of the Ajax field.

Creating a new Grid

1. Create a new grid application using the SQL statement selection as shown below:

E.EmployeeID, E.LastName, E.FirstName, E.Title, E.TitleOfCourtesy, E.BirthDate, E.HireDate,
E.Address, E.PostalCode, E.Country, E.CityId, E.RegionId, E.HomePhone, E.Extension, E.Photo,
E.Notes, E.ReportsTo, E.PhotoPath, U.EmployeeID, U.TerritoryID
employees and INNER JOIN US ON EEmployeeTerritories.EmployeeID = U.EmployeeID
INNER JOIN T ON Uterritories.TerritoryID = T.TerritoryID

2. Select the Field positioning option in the application menu and choose U.EmployeeID, E.LastName, E.FirstName, E.Title, E.BirthDate, E.HireDate, E.RegionID, U.TerritoryID and E .Country Country.

Starting the Grid application by Search

3. Open the Grid folder and click Grid Modules.

4. Set the search as the initial module.

Select search fields

5. 5. Open the search folder and click Advanced Search >> Select Fields.

6. Choose the E.RegionID and U.TerritoryID fields.


Field Settings 7. Open the U.TerritoryID field, in the search fields.

8. Change the Data Type attribute to Select.

9. Open the search block and configure the settings according to the image below.


SELECT territoryid, territorydescription
FROM territories
WHERE regionid = {e.regionId} AND
territoryid IN (SELECT DISTINCT territoryid FROM employeeterritories)
ORDER BY territoryid

10. Open the E.RegionID configuration, modify the Data Type attribute to select, configure it as follows.


SELECT regionid, regiondescription
FROM region
WHERE regionid IN (SELECT DISTINCT regionid FROM employees)
ORDER BY regionid

Enabling Ajax to reload the field

11. Open the Ajax processing block and check the option “Use AJAX to reload …”.

12. Click on “Run application”

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