Grid with drill down

This tutorial shows how to create a link between two grid step parameters and a method to detail the total values ​​of the report.

Creating Grid master/detail

1. Create a new grid application based on the Orders table. This will be the master query and it will be called grid14.

2. Create a new grid app based on the order_details table. This will be called grid14_1.

3. Edit the grid grid14_1. In the application menu, click the SQL item

The string in the square bracket is a global variable used to get the parameter sent by the master application.

4. Now, click on the Generate Font icon on the main ScriptCase toolbar.

5. Go to the “Fields >> New field” option in the application menu to create the new “detail” field of the type text.

Creating a link

6. Click on Links between Applications.

7. Choose Field as the link type and choose the detail field, then click Next.

8. Find and select the application grid14_1 and click Next.

9. Define the parameter is sent to grid14_1 detail. Click on the Field option and choose the OrderID field, then click Next.

10. In the Link Operation Mode property, choose the Modal option.

11. Click on the “Run application” button.

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