Simple Grid

This is a simple form created using most of the Scriptcase default values for a Form application. When using this type of form you can:

  • Use the “Add new” button to display a blank form.
  • You can modify the contents of the registry and press the “Save” button to confirm the changes in the database.
  • You can use the “Copy” button to make a copy of the contents of the current record and display it on a blank form to insert the data into the database.

In the lower toolbar, you will find the navigation buttons, search, exportation and more.

Creating a PHP form with a Copy button

In this example, we will develop a “Single Registration” form in which we can see features such as: copy button, quick search and field data using a multi-month calendar.

Creating a Form

1. Create a new form type of the single record type based on the Employees table.

2. Access the “Toolbar” item from the application menu.

3. Add the “Quick Search” and “Copy” button on the toolbar.

4. In the application menu, go to the “birthday” field setting in the folder fields.

5.5. In the “Value format”, check “show calendar” and “additional months” to show three months in the calendar.

6. Click on the Execute button.

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