Special conditions for date fields

This tutorial demonstrates how to use special criteria for Date field.

Creating a new grid

1. Create a new grid application using orders table.

2. Click on Fields Positioning in the menu.

3. Choose OrderID, CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, Freight and PriceOrder fields.

4. Back to the initial options “Grid Modules”

5. Select the “Search” as the initial Module.

Choosing Search fields

6. Open the Search folder and click on “Advanced Search >> Select Fields”.

7. Choose OrderDate, RequiredDate and ShippedDate fields.

Search Criteria

8. Open Search folder and click on Search Criteria.

9. Choose the normal criteria to all Search form fields. Select the field, in the left panel then choose the criteria in the right panel and click in Turn On/Off button.

10. Choose Equal to, Greater than, Greater equal, Less than, Less equal and Between two values criteria to all fields.

11. Open Fields folder and click in Order Date field.

12. Open Special Conditions block.

13. Change Option attribute to Specials and click in All button.

14. Click in RequiredDate field and, in Special Conditions block, change the Option attribute to Both and click in All.

15. Click the Run button on the toolbar.

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