Tutorial: Grid fixed columns

In this sample we’ll see the option fixed column on the grid. This way we’ll be able to do a horizon scroll without losing the fixed column.

Creating a grid application 

1 – Create a new grid application and select the table “Sales”.

2 – N On the main configuration of the grid select the module as the image:


Define the orientation type “horizontal”.

Fixed label:

This option will freeze the column labels on the top of the screen. Only available in horizontal orientation.

Fixed column:

This will fix one or more columns of the grid during the execution.

This will be represented as the icon that will be on the side of the label.


When you fixed a column all on the left side will be fixed.

For example, if a fixed product, all on the left will be fixed:

Fixed column Hover:

Display pinned column icon only on field label cell hover. Hover works only when the application is running as desktop, if it is running mobile the icon will always be displayed.

If yes will displayed when you pass the mouse over the column.

If no will be displayed always

Fixed option column:

Pin the options column icons displayed in the row of the record regardless of having fixed columns selected.

If it’s yes the column will be fixed as the following image:

If it’s not the user can change between fixed or not fixed as in the following image:

Fixed Group by:

Allows the information of a grid’s group by line to be fixed on the screen when scrolling horizontally.

If yes, will be displayed as the followed image

If no will be this way:


Pagination method for the grid records.

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