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Con ScriptCase Generador de PHP es simple.

Qué es ScriptCase?

ScriptCase Generador de PHP es una herramienta poderosa para aumentar la productividad del desarrollo web, ahorrando tiempo y aumentando las ganancias. ScriptCase Generador de PHP puede construir sistemas completos y crear informes personalizados seguros y rápidos. Es la mejor y más eficiente herramienta de desarrollo rápido web en el mercado.

¿Qué se puede hacer?

Por medio de ScriptCase se puede desarrollar sistemas completos de PHP y reportes personalizados con gran rapidez. Se pueden crear aplicaciones de una forma intuitiva y rápida, como los informes de gestión, formularios de inscripción, gráficos personalizables en tiempo de ejecución, autenticación de usuarios, menús dinámicos, calendarios, dashboards y mucho más.

¿Cómo funciona?

ScriptCase puede trabajar con cualquier navegador web, ya sea en su red local oa través de Internet y permite a varios desarrolladores para trabajar simultáneamente en el mismo proyecto. Conecte a la su base de datos favorita (MySQL, ostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ...) para generar aplicaciones que se ejecutan independientemente de ScriptCase, y puede ser publicado en cualquier servidor web con PHP.

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"SC is really the best tool out there to actually do RAPID DEVELOPMENT, not just give you an integrated environment that allows you to write all code from scratch, with SC it writes probably 90% of all code generally speaking."

David Kovach - USA

"Best choice for people who are interested in lowering the work programming... with scriptcase we use 70% of our projects time in thinking about logic instead of retyping milions lines of code."

Konarski-Mikolajewicz - Poland

"It is a very complete tool for creating frontend database-driven-websites... everyday I discover 'new' features."

John den Os - Netherlands

"With Scriptcase we finally found an environment that allows us to obtain effective solutions, complete, reliable and with a very high level of satisfaction."

Giorgio Bravi - Italy

"You can create stable and mature applications with just a few mouseclicks without deep knowledge from PHP. "

Albert Drent - Netherlands

"I have developed several custom solutions using only Scriptcase. They look great, run fast and are easy to modify"

Philip Martin Jenck - USA

"The hooks built into the system for custom PHP and Ajax code insertion were GREAT to have and allowed us to seamlessly add our own custom code snippets for specialized functions into the existing application. Scriptcase writes nice looking, efficient code as well."

Kevin Bednar - USA

"Scriptcase is the Rolls-Royce of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for web development"

Ahmad Permessur - USA

"SCRIPTCASE, is powerfull, easy to use, and learn. Applications can really be done on a very fast and professional way."

Diego Arango - Colombia

"About 10 days ago I had absolutely no idea about PHP and scriptcase. I tried your demo version about 5 days and now I have nearly finished my first web-application with a professional look and feel."

Martin Adirsch - Germany

"If it was not for Scriptcase it would have taken me may be four to six months to complete a project which I completed within a month with Scriptcase."

Jephta Kazondovi - Namibia

"Ecofin Cloud SaaS is a solution designed for any business, adapted to companies that do not want to depend on technology, very flexible and easy to use."

Ivan Sevilla - Spain

"With Scriptcase I can create complete system much more faster then if I would use regular development, Scriptcase is very easy and fast"

Jorge Pinto - Portugal

"Spent the last 14 days learning how to utilize this RAD for building an actual much needed application I was been putting off. Being a hands on type of person, what better way to learn a new tool."

Mike Wilson - USA

"Yo con mi experiencia he desarrollado con Scriptcase una aplicación completa en menos de dos horas y estoy hablando una aplicación de grade porte."

Alexander Caldas - Colombia
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We have already identified the cause of the problem and we are working to resolve it.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Scriptcase Team.