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Check out some examples created with Scriptcase, from complete systems to web applications. You can check them here and later download inside your Scriptcase to play around and even to customize. They are all available to be used within Scriptcase, feel free to modify them according to your needs.


Check out some complete systems developed with Scriptcase, such as Online Shop, Project Management, Recruitments Tracker and Helpdesk.


Execute and learn how to develop single applications (forms, grids/reports, menus, dashboards and charts) using Scriptcase.


Learn from our tutorials and videos how to build the sample applications from the ground.


Check out our complete systems built by Scriptcase.

Business Intelligence New

The Business Intelligence project aims to showcase the many features that Scriptcase provides for a friendly dashboard interface with reports, indexes, summaries, pivot tables and charts.


Online Grading System

The school management system is designed to manage grades, school attendance, registration and maintenance of students and teachers, classes, subjects and tests creation with different weights. It has a specific interface for different levels of users: administrator, students, parents and teachers.



Web system with three users levels to schedule and manage paid services. Those services will be attended by an available staff under a customer requirement. The system will also send automatic confirmation emails, print invoices, use the google maps API for navigation, enable charts and management reports.


Training Management System

Scheduling of courses in different locations. This will schedule classes using the google maps feature and send the confirmation e-mails automatically.



System based on the Security module and Log, both available on Scriptcase. Also including a full report log for accessibility and user actions.


Recruitments Tracker

Recruitment Tracker is a system designed for recruiters to help efficiently manage their relationships with candidates and companies.


Documents Library

Manage documents or files from different company departments. Among its features, It’s possible to keep history of all files that were uploaded, to retrieve older versions of these files, to attach multiple files to to the same document using the drag’n drop feature.


Online Shop

Online shop system with site and manager made by scritpcase.


Web Services

Through the new sc_webservice macro it will be easier to create web utilities (soap, curl, file_get_contents and sockets) and communicate them with various services. Scripcase 8.1 will also have a new sample system with some web services templates


Project Management

Project management system with Gantt chart, 3d graphics in HTML 5 and much more.



A helpdesk system example. Includes the management of tickets and knowledge base.



Online News System with all basic features for managing and editing news.



Online album system with many advanced features for image usage and manipulation.