List of Applications

All project applications are available in this area. You can also take some specific actions using this interface, such as add a description, a friendly URL, rename, edit, copy, or run the application, one by one or various simultaneously.

The columns can be edited in My Scriptcase menu.

List of Applications

1 - Columns

Here you have an editable grid with some suitable options from your applications, such as follows:

  • Application: Application’s Name.
  • Friendly URL: Friendly URL for the application.
  • Description: Application Description.
  • Creator: Application Creator.
  • Generation: Last Source Code Generation date.
  • Status: Status of the application: Updated means that all changes are within the application, and Outdated means that changes are not saved within the source code.

2 - Express options

You can use these options to express editing the applications.

  • Run: Runs an application;
  • Edit: Open the Application to edit;
  • Copy: Creates a copy of the selected application;
  • Rename: Renames the selected application.

The footer buttons are available when one or more application are selected.

  • Edit: Opens all the selected applications settings for editing.
  • Generate: Generates the source code of all selected applications.
  • Deploy: Opens the Publishing Wizard for all selected applications.
  • Delete: Delete all selected applications.
  • Copy: Copy the selected applications to another project.
  • Move: Moves the selected applications to another folder in the same project.
  • Export: Allows you to export the selected applications.