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List of Applications

All the applications are listed on this area, a. We can find some information about the applications.

The columns can be edited in My Scriptcase menu.

List of Applications

  • Application: Application’s Name.
  • Friendly URL: Friendly URL for the application.
  • Description: Application Description.
  • Creator: Application Creator.
  • Generation: Date of Source Code Generation.
  • Status: Status of the application (updated and outdated).
  • Options: Activity buttons:
    • Run: Runs an application;
    • Edit: Open the Application to edit;
    • Copy: Creates a copy of the selected application;
    • Rename: Renames the selected application.

The footer buttons are available when one or more application are selected.

  • Edit: Opens all the selected applications settings for editing.
  • Generate: Generates the source code of all selected applications.
  • Deploy: Opens the Publishing Wizard for all selected applications.
  • Delete: Delete all selected applications.
  • Copy: Copy the selected applications to another project.
  • Move: Moves the selected applications to another folder in the same project.
  • Export: Allows you to export the selected applications.