Enabling Amazon RDS MySQL PDO

At Scriptcase, we have the following drivers available for connection to MySQL: MySQL PDO, MySQLi . If you are using your own pre-configured environment, MySQL extensions must be manually enabled in PHP.

Configuring and enabling Amazon RDS MySQL PDO on Windows

IMPORTANT: If you are using Scriptcase’s automatic installer, the extensions are already enabled in PHP, ready for connection. The procedure below is only for manual installations of Scriptcase .

1 - In the php.ini file, located in C:\php, look for lines referring to MySQL extensions: mysqli and pdo_mysql and remove the ; from the beginning of the lines for the extension to be used by PHP. See the example below:


Enabling MySQL extensions

2 - Restart the Apache service using the Task Manager.

  • Open the Task Manager and click on the Services tab.

  • Look for the ApacheScriptcase9php73 or Apache2.4 service and right click on this service, then Restart.

Restarting Apache

Connection to Scriptcase

Questions or Connection Problems?

Contact our support in case of connection problems or questions regarding this database.