Google Cloud in Scriptcase

At Scriptcase, we have several databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MSSQL Server) and their respective drivers for connecting to Google Cloud. You must choose the most suitable for your environment and need.

If you do not have a Google Cloud database created from the ones available on Scriptcase, check below how to create a database:

  • Creation of Google Cloud MySQL database: Click here
  • Creation of Google Cloud PostgreSQL database: Click here
  • Creation of Google Cloud MSSQL Server database: Click here

You can check your enabled drivers by accessing your diagnosis. See below on how to locate your diagnosis and check if the driver is enabled.

  • Accessing the top menu Help > Diagnosis, you can easily find it through the interface.

Accessing diagnosis - Help Menu

  • Or, by accessing your browser url: or

Check below how to enable each database in Scriptcase according to your operating system:




MSSQL Server