Enabling Google Cloud MySQLi

In Scriptcase, we have the following drivers available for connection to MySQL: MySQL PDO, MySQLi. If you are using your own pre-configured environment, MySQL extensions must be manually enabled in PHP.

Configuring and enabling MySQLi on Windows

IMPORTANT: If you are using Scriptcase’s automatic installer, the extensions are already enabled in PHP, ready for connection. The procedure below is only for manual installations of Scriptcase.

1 - In the php.ini file, located in C:\php, look for lines referring to MySQL extensions: mysqli and pdo_mysql and remove the ; from the beginning of the lines for the extension to be used by PHP. See the example below:


Enabling MySQL extensions

2 - Restart the Apache service using the Task Manager.

  • Open the Task Manager and click on the Services tab.

  • Look for the ApacheScriptcase9php73 or Apache2.4 service and right click on this service, then Restart.

Restarting Apache

Connection to Scriptcase