Batch Applications

Batch Applications

With this tool, it is possible to create multiple applications (Form and Grid).

When creating grids and forms using the same table, the applications are created with an application link between them, allowing to edit the record from the Grid application.

To start the process of creating the application, you need to select a connection so that the tables can be listed.

Select the connection that you want to use

Next, you need to select the tables that are going to be used to create the applications. When selecting the tables, you can define which applications (Forms and Grids) are going to be created.

Selecting the tables and applications for the creation

For last, you need to define the name, description and type, in case for the Forms.

Adjusting the applications that are going to be created

  • Name - Name of the application that is going to be created.
  • Description - Application Description.
  • Type - This option is only available for Forms, defines the type of form that is going to be created (Single Record, Multiple Rows, Editable Grid and Editable Grid “View”).
  • Generate Source - Selecting this option all the applications to be created will have their source code generated.
  • To edit - Selecting this option all the applications created will be open for modifications right after creation.