Fields Positioning

It allows the definition of the fields that will be part of the form and its display order.

When using the Editable Grid(View) format, it is also possible to define the fields for visualization and data manipulation independently.

Form Fields

Adding and Removing Application Fields

The fields that will be displayed when running the application are positioned in the right column, where we can also view a page (Pag1) and a block (customers).

All fields must be positioned within a block, which in turn must be within a page.

The fields listed in the left column are the other fields available in the application that will not be displayed. To add or remove fields we must use the buttons positioned between the columns.

  • img_mover_direita_todos - Move all fields to the right.
  • img_mover_direita - Moves only selected fields to the right.
  • img_mover_esquerda - Moves only selected fields to the left.
  • img_mover_esquerda_todos - MMove all fields to the left.
Check out how to use the buttons below.

Exemplo de posicionamento dos campos

Field display order

The fields will be displayed in the application respecting the order defined in the right column.

The display order must be defined using the sort buttons img_mover_para_cima and img_mover_para_baixo which will move the selected fields in the column.

Remembering that the fields must be positioned inside a block (customers) which must be inside a page (Pag1).

Check below the use of the buttons to order the fields

Exemplo de posicionamento dos campos

Save and Restore

Below the columns are two buttons:

  • Save which records the current placement of fields in columns.
  • Restore which reorganizes the fields returning to the last position saved.
Restoring the positioning of the fields to the last saved definition.

Restaurando posicionamento dos campos

Grid Fields

General configuration of query fields positioning in the view editable grid form

Grid fields

Activate the use of Grid fields in the modal form

Allow the independent setting of the displayed fields in the Editable Grid (view) and the available fields to edit in the modal.

This option is available if the form orientation is set as Editable Grid (view) and the Use modal form attribute is set as In editing and inserting

When enable

The option Select fields that will be part of the editing modal is displayed, to you can set the fields that showed only in the Editable Grid (view)

When disable

In this case, the fields display settings respect the definition made in the block Form Fields.

Select the fields to displayed

General configuration of query fields positioning in the view editable grid form

Using the positioning buttons, img_mover_direita_todos img_mover_direita img_mover_esquerda img_mover_esquerda_todos, it’s possible set the fields that will be used only for displaying data in the application.

The fields set only to displaying will be shown in the Fields menu, thus allowing these fields to be configured.

You can also define the display order of the fields using the positioning buttons: img_mover_para_cima and img_mover_para_baixo


General configuration of query fields positioning in the view editable grid form

  • Copy form fields - Allows you to copy the fields defined in the Form Fields option
  • Save - Saves the current field configuration.
  • Restore - Restores the settings to the last save performed.