This interface allows configuring the related database settings, such as the Primary Key, Filters, Sorts.

SQL configuration Interface. SQL configuration Interface.

Select primary key fields

It lets you define the Primary key of the Form. ScriptCase already identifies Primary Keys, but you can manually inform or change it by using the buttons beside the fields list. See how the buttons work:

  • On/Off : Adds or Removes the attribute that defines the primary key for the field. The primary key fields have an asterisk beside their names.
  • All : Defines all fields as Primary Keys.
  • None : Defines none fields as Primary Keys.
  • Sorting Button : These are the arrows on the right side of the Combo box. It allows ordering the fields of the Primary Key, placing it in the desired order. To order them, click on the field and use the arrows to move it.

Where clause

It allows adding a WHERE clause to filter the SQL records.

Order By

It allows adding an ORDER BY clause to determine the order to display the records. By default, it uses the primary key to sort the records.


It allows defining the database connection of the application. You can change the connection to another one that has the same table.

Table Name

It informs the database table used in the Form.

Variable for Table

It allows to use a variable to change a part of the string containing the table name.

Variable for Table Configuration. Variable for Table Configuration.

Fill the first input with the name of the variable (replace to). The second input you should fill with the part of the name of the table you want to replace (replace from).

Case sensitive

It defines if the database connection uses case sensitive or not.