This feature allows linking the tables that contain relationships, dependencies, like the tables orders and order_details. This way, it’s possible to delete a record in the table orders, and it automatically deletes all the details for that order as well. Below let’s see a practical example of this feature.

  1. Firstly, you must define a new dependency. Then you must select the dependent table. Click on the button New Dependency to start.

Creating a new Dependency. Creating a new Dependency.

  1. You must inform the fields amount is related between both tables. In this example, we have only one field.

Dependency Table configuration. Dependency Table configuration.

  1. Then select the related key fields: order_details->Orderid - orders->Orderid.

Dependency Key Fields Configurations. Dependency Key Fields Configurations.

  1. Now we need to select behaviour for the application. Then click on the button Generate Scripts to define the Dependency Rule.

Configuring dependency Rules. Configuring dependency Rules.