This interface is useful for editing the main display settings of the app.

Configuration Interface. Form Settings Interface.

Friendly URL

Allows to define a URL for the application different from the application name. You can use the following chars (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -_). You still can change it on the initial screen of the home project, through the “Friendly URL” column in the apps list.

Line break in title

Use it if you want to break the line on the field titles.

Horizontal Alignment

Allows you to set the alignment of the application on the page.

Vertical Alignment

Allows you to define the initial vertical alignment of the application (Above, Centered and Below).


Allows to define the margins of the application (Right, Left, Up and Down) in pixels.

Table Width

The width of the form table. Scriptcase uses Plain HTML to generate applications by using tables lines and cells.

Table Width Unit

Measurement unit for the table width defined in the previous option, being: percentage, pixel, or automatic.

Table Columns

This parameter defines the column (fields) width of the table (application).

Labels width

When the previous option is set to “Provided” you must inform the width of the labels here.

Layout and Behavior

This interface allows setting the behavior of the app.

Layout and Behavior configuration Interface. Layout and Behavior configuration Interface.

Notify discarded changes

Notifies the user when any changes made will be lost when reloading the data.

Automatic tab

Changes the focus to the next field when the amount of characters reaches its defined limit.

Highlight Text on Focus

Highlights the field when selected.

Use Enter to

Allows to use the “Enter” key to pass the focus to the next field.

Field with Initial Focus

Determines the field starts with focus when accessing the application. This option doesn’t work with fields that contain a watermark.

Highlight Field with Error

Focus the field with the error when submitting the form.

Use a template from the HTML Editor

Allows to use the TinyMCE editor. You can edit and create your HTML Templates.