General Overview

This feature allows the developer to create links between applications of the same project, expanding the integration of applications. All link options are grouped under the Application Links menu.

Links Menu Interface

Application Links

In the first access to the menu, we can see the list of existing connections in the application.

If the application does not have a configured link, the application list screen will be displayed with the message: This application does not have any link. Click here to create one now.

Link Creation Interface


Link identification ID.


The type of link created, some links such as Edit Link allow only one link per application. In this case, the developer will be able to check the connection types that already exist in the application

Target Application

This info show the target application name.


This column has edit options for the links.

Options Action column


It allows accessing the binding properties where it is possible to configure the binding behavior.

Displays the links screen, where it is possible to configure the link that was made with the application informed in the target application column. In this option it is possible to change the parameter passed in the connection as well as the target application.


Permanently deletes the connection in the applications.

Through the option Restore Applications, it is possible to get a previous version of the application, making it possible to recover the link deleted.

Links Type

The Calendar application has the following links options

  • Application Link - Allows you to link a control with any project application.
  • Capture Link: It allows the creation of links from the filter fields of the Grid application, in order to enable the recovery of the value to fill in the field, with another Grid application of the project.

Check the links types of the Calendar application and the target applications available for each link types.

Only Capture link have some restrictions in the target application use, allowing only to use of Grid application.

  Application Link Capture Link
Grid Availability Availability
Chart Availability Availability
Form Availability Availability
Control Availability Availability
Search Availability Availability
Menu Availability Availability
Tree Menu Availability Availability
Tabs Availability Availability
PDF Report Availability Availability
Dashboard Availability Availability
Blank Availability Availability
Calendar Availability Availability