PDF Advanced settings


Using this interface you can define the display layout of cells containing the values of the fields in the body of the report.

PDF interface settings. PDF interface settings.

  • Attributes
    • Seq : Sequential number of cells (ascending order).
    • Cell : Cell name.
    • Pos X : Sets the abscissa of the cell.
    • Pos Y : Sets the ordinate of the cell.
    • Width : Sets the cell width.
    • Alignment : Sets the cell alignment.
    • Field : Here you have to select the field that will be displayed within the cell, according to the application SQL.


Scriptcase creates the codes automatically, so by changing that within the option “code” you will assume the PDF creation PHP code.

Configuration interface of the PDF Code. Configuration interface of the PDF Code.

The application “Report PDF” was developed based on a library called TCPDF, so that you can use the available library methods or a corresponding macro from the table below. In order to use some method you must use the $pdf object, for example: $pdf->AcceptPageBreak(parameters).

In order to access the TCPDF documentation Click here

PDF Report Macros

TCPDF Method Scriptcase Macro Description
AcceptPageBreak sc_pdf_accept_page_break Accept automatic page break.
AddFont sc_pdf_add_font Add a new font
AddLink sc_pdf_add_link Creates an internal link
AddPage sc_pdf_add_page Add a new page
AliasNbPages sc_pdf_alias_nb_pages Defines an alias for the number of pages
Cell sc_pdf_cell Prints a cell
Close sc_pdf_close: Ends the document
Error sc_pdf_error Display error message
Footer sc_pdf_footer Page footer
GetStringWidth sc_pdf_get_string_length Calculates the size of a string
GetX sc_pdf_get_x Returns the current x position
GetY sc_pdf_get_y Returns the current y position
Header sc_pdf_header Page header
Image sc_pdf_image Places an image on the page
Line sc_pdf_line Draws a line
Link sc_pdf_link Enter a link
Ln sc_pdf_ln Configure the line break
MultiCell sc_pdf_multi_cell Prints a text with line breaks
Output sc_pdf_output Save or send the document
AliasNumPage sc_pdf_page Returns the current page number
AliasNbPages sc_pdf_page_tot Returns the total number of pages
Rect sc_pdf_rect Draws a rectangle
SetAuthor sc_pdf_set_author Defines the author of the document
SetAutoPageBreak sc_pdf_set_auto_page_break Enables or disables the automatic page break mode
SetCompression sc_pdf_set_compression Page compression on/off
SetCreator sc_pdf_set_creator Sets the document’s creator.
SetDisplayMode sc_pdf_set_display_mode Toggles the display mode
SetDrawColor sc_pdf_set_draw_color Sets the color used for drawing operations
SetFillColor sc_pdf_set_fill_color Sets the color for fill operations
SetFont sc_pdf_set_font Sets the font settings
SetFontSize sc_pdf_set_font_size Sets the font size
SetKeywords sc_pdf_set_keywords Associates a key word to a document
SetLeftMargin sc_pdf_set_left_margin Sets the left margin
SetLineWidth sc_pdf_set_line_width Sets the width of the line
SetLink sc_pdf_set_link Sets the target of an internal link
SetMargins sc_pdf_set_margins Sets the margins
SetRightMargin sc_pdf_set_right_margin Sets the right margin
SetSubject sc_pdf_set_subject Sets the subject
SetTextColor sc_pdf_set_text_color Sets the color of the text
SetTitle sc_pdf_set_title Sets the title of the document
SetTopMargin sc_pdf_set_top_margin Sets the top margin
SetX sc_pdf_set_x Sets the current position of x
SetXY sc_pdf_set_xy Sets the current position of x and y
SetY sc_pdf_set_y Sets the current position of y
Text sc_pdf_text Prints a string
Write sc_pdf_write Prints a string of characters


This interface allows you to define the display order of the fields (selecting through the arrows next to the right frame).

Configuration interface of the PDF fields placement. Configuration interface of the PDF fields placement.