The application toolbar has two segments: Top and Bottom, in a way that is possible to define to display buttons into both areas. Those areas work independently, allowing them to display the same button, for example.

It’s also possible to select the buttons and their position if the application is running on a mobile device.



Here we must inform the toolbar settings for the “Classic Web Version” mode and which buttons are available in the application when accessed from a Desktop environment.


Here we must inform the toolbar settings for the “Mobile Version” mode. That is which buttons are available in the application when accessed from a Mobile dispositive.

Form buttons positioning

Buttons relative to the navigation of the application.

Next Move to the next page that can be a single record or a list of records.
Previous Returns to displays the previous page records or a single record.
First Move to the First page or record
Last Move to the Last page or record
Exit Close the application
Navigation by page Displays a “page-number” navigation bar. Example: 1 2 3 4 5
Reload Displays a button to reload the query data


The options available to export the Records. Scriptcase generates the following export formats for Forms:

PDF Generates all the data of the application in a PDF format.
Print Creates an HTML with the records ready for printing.


The CRUD options available in the Form.

Insert Inserts the record into the database.
Update Saves the changes made in a record.
Delete Deletes the selected record.
Cancel Cancel the changes made in a record before the insertion.


Other options available in the Form application.

Jump To Move to the informed page or record.
Copy Copy the current record data to another one.
Quick Search Perform a quick search in the records of the application.
Dynamic Search It displays the fields of the search to filter the records.
Languages Displays a Combobox with the languages available in the project properties.
Themes Displays a Combobox with the languages available in the project properties.
Rows Counter Displays the number of records retrieved in the application.
HelpCase Displays a button to open the help page.


———————— Displays a line separating the buttons.

Toolbar Mobile

Buttons Positioning on Mobile

Top Mobile toolbar

It has the same options as the Desktop version, adding only the item “Copy from desktop”, which, when clicked, makes a copy of the items from the upper toolbar of Desktop to Mobile.

Mobile toolbar - bottom


Enables navigation to the next and previous page on mobile devices.



Enables first and last page navigation on mobile devices.


Row Counter

Enables the record counter showing the application’s total records

Row Counter

Page selection

Enables page navigation on mobile.

Page selection

Bottons Group

The Group option allows you to group a set of buttons of the application toolbar to display them as a dropdown, for example.

Add Button Groups


Add a new group of buttons.


Edit an existent group of buttons.


Delete the selected group of buttons.

When you press the Add or Edit option, you can see the settings to configure the grouper:

Button Group Configuration

Display As

Allows displaying the group button as Dropdown or Side by Side.

Default buttons with no grouping Group of Buttons Dropdown Group of Buttons Side By Side

Allows defining the Dropdown theme selecting between Application theme and Button theme.


Allows defining a name for the button group.


It is the displayed name for the button group in the application.


Displays a hint to the end-user when the mouse is on the group of buttons.

Button Type

Allows displaying the button group as a Button, Image, or Link.


Allows selecting an image for the button.


Defines if the button displays only Text, only image, or both.

Display Position

Defines the position of the Text or Image (Text to the right, Image to the right).

After creating a button group, you need to move the grouped buttons below of the Button Group and then move them to the right. Like the image below:

Positioning the buttons of the button group

Buttons Settings

Form Buttons Configuration


It displays the buttons available in the application.


Allows defining the labels of the buttons to display for the users.


Allows defining the buttons hint that to display for the users.

Application Hotkeys

Scriptcase allows creating shortcut keys to your applications. You can select a predefined template or create specific actions for an application.

Application Hotkeys

Use hotkeys

Defines if the application uses hotkeys. When you enable this option, the default shortcut keys settings are disabled.

Hotkeys templat

Select the hotkey template previously created.


Selects the triggered action when pressing the selected key.


Selects the keys responsible for executing the chosen action.

Add “+”

Adds a new action on the keys list.


It clears the selected hotkeys preference.


Options do formulário

Format Row Counter:

Allows defining the format of the row counter displayed on the application.

Example: (1 to 10 of 200)

Defines the number of links per page, when the navigation option is disabled.

Help by Block:

Indicates if the helps messages from relatives fields are grouped by block. In each field, we can define a help text. With this option activated, it shows up an icon in the block title bar to call the help page.

General Help:

The General Help “consolidates” all the fields help pages in a single page, putting an icon in the toolbar to call the help page.