This event occurs just one time, when the application is loaded.

It is the first event executed in the application, being fired even before the SQL and HTML assembly.

It works as a preparation for the application, where it is possible, among other things, to manipulate variables, perform validations and change the connection with the sc_change_connection macro, for example.

In the example below, access to the edit form (form_orders) linked to the query will be limited, depending on the user who is accessing the application.

If the variable [usr_login] is equal to admin, the user will have access to the form with the possibility of inserting and deleting a record.

If the variable has some other value, the user will still have access to the form, but only with the possibility of changing a record.

Samples Code

if ( [usr_login] == 'admin') {

  sc_apl_conf("form_orders", "insert", "on");
  sc_apl_conf("form_orders", "delete", "on");

} else {

  sc_apl_conf("form_orders", "insert", "off");
  sc_apl_conf("form_orders", "delete", "off");