This event occurs every time the application is loaded or reloaded.

Second event to be executed, before the execution of the main select, it is triggered whenever the application is loaded. For example, after using the advanced filter.

In it, all application variables and libraries are available for use.

The manipulation of connections with sc_connection_edit and sc_connection_new macros, manipulation of the main select with sc_select_order and sc_select_where(add) macros and inclusion of libraries already incorporated into Scriptcase such as Jquery with sc_include_lib macro are some of the examples of using the event.


In the example below, access to the sales report will be limited to the user who performed them.

Access is limited if the user is not the admin.

Sample Code

if ( [usr_login] != 'admin' ) {

    if ( empty({sc_where_atual})){

        sc_select_where(add) = "WHERE employeeid > [usr_login]";

    } else {

        sc_select_where(add) = "AND employeeid > [usr_login]";