Application Link

Used to edit records of a Grid Application by using a Form Application. In the generated Grid you will view a link for each record Application Link Button to edit the records. Clicking on the link, the form selected can be displayed in various ways (in an iframe, in the same window or on another window).

Application Link creation interface.

List of Applications

Application Link list of applications available.

Application: You need to select the form application that is going to be called by the Grid Application.

Parameters Definition

Parameters Definition Interface. Parameters Definition Interface.

On the screen above, on the left side, are displayed the parameters that are expected for the form application (Primary Key, Global Variables), on the right side, you need to select the option that is going to be set to the parameter. The options are:

  • Field : Used to pass a field value of a Grid as a parameter.
  • Value : Used to pass a static value as a parameter.
  • Variable : Used to pass a global variable value used in the Grid as a parameter.
  • Empty : Choosing this option, no value will be passed as a parameter.