In this article, you learn how to create the documentation for your project using this integrated tool: HelpCase.

You find the HelpCase from the menu at Tools > HelpCase.

HelpCase Menu

How to Create a HelpCase

The HelpCase creates HTML files with WYSIWYG editor, CSS, images upload, and hierarchic menu. You can also link HelpCase files to the applications you create within Scriptcase.

HelpCase Inicial Interface

The first step to creating a document using the HelpCase is to enter a name and description.

HelpCase initial process of creation

After creating the HelpCase, you need to generate the content of the documented manual of the functionalities and description of the project.

Creating the documentation files

On the left side, in the block ‘WebHelp,’ you see the folder structure. Still, in this block, we can create the folders of the documentation.

Select the root or any other folder on the side panel and click on the folder icon to create a folder in the select directory.

Inform the directory name (Special characters are not acceptable) and the display name in the documentation menu.

Creating Directories

To create .html files, where you place your content, you need to select the directory where you place the files.

Inform the name of the file (Special characters are not acceptable) and the display name in the documentation menu.

Creating Files

Editing the HelpCase

When you select the folder, you see some options.

Creating Files

  • Icon (Folder with letters) - Allows you to rename the archives and the display name for the menu.
  • Icon (Recycle Bin) - Deletes the directory with all its content.
  • Icon (Eye) - View the directory in the documentation menu.
  • Icon (Slashed Eye) - Disable the view of the directory in the documentation menu.

After created, the files are displayed on the list when clicking on the created directory. Details about the files can be viewed, like the display title on the menu and its actual size, also other options like rename and delete.

File List

  • View - View the content of the file.
  • Edit - Open the file to place your content in it.
  • Link - Create a link between the file and the applications selected.
  • Copy - Creates a copy of the file.
  • Rename - Rename the file and it is display menu.
  • Delete - Deletes the chosen file.

After the creation or clicking on edit a file, you can insert the content that will be displayed for the end user.

Editing the files


You can upload already created content or images to use in the manual. The upload of these files, can be done by clicking on the upload button, on the upload page you will see the supported formats and size limit of the files.

File Uploads

General Settings


Allows you to setup some things, like the header display and the search tab.

Basic configurations

Initial Page

Allows to write content of the initial page of the documentation. The modification can be done also when selecting the _home.htm file on the files panel.

Initial Page


Define a template to be used in the header of the manual, it is possible to edit or create new templates in the editor.

This editor can be accessed from the menu Layout > HTML Templates

Template Editor

Allows to configure what will be displayed in the header.

Header definition


Allows to modify the HelpCase CSS.

CSS Editor

After creating all the content and the configuration of the layout, you need to associate the create files with the applications, so that the end user can have access to the information that he needs in a quick way.

Associating Applications

You can start associating all the applications at once by clicking on links, or clicking on link, where you can associate only the chosen file to various applications.

File Links

On this option, you will see a list of the applications, where you should select the applications that will be associated.

Linking Individual Files

Clicking on link, you will be presented a list of all the applications, in this case you need to select the files that will be associated for each application.

Link for all the files

Generating Manual

Generating the manual is the last step of its creation, after doing all the configurations, click on generate.

Generating Manual

After generating the manual, you can download or access it.

Downloading or Accessing the manual

For you to have access to the manual from the applications, you need to click on the button WebHelp on the toolbar of the applications that have a link to the manual.

Toolbar Button