Hotkey Templates

This tool allows that the user manage templates to the application hotkeys. Can be possible create a new hotkeys set or use an existing setting and change then to improve your development environment.

Initial interface Home screen to the template and scopes managements available.

Available Scopes:

  • Scriptcase: Here is the default Scriptcase template. This template cannot be edited or erased, only can visualized or a copy can be made to utilize the already defined hotkeys.

  • Public: Here is the created and edited templates at public level by user.

  • Project: Here is the created and edited templates at project level by user.

In “New” the user will can create a new template with all the configurable hotkeys.

Then, will come the creation screen, when the user will can select the name and the scope of the template that will be created.

Template creation Creation screen of Hotkey Templates

  • Mode: Allows the user to select the scope that the template will be created.
  • Name: Allows the user to select the name to the template that will be created.
  • Action: Selects the action that will be made when press the selected keybind.
  • Keybinding: Selects the keybinds that will be responsible for execute the chosen action.
  • Add “+”: Adds a new action in the keybind list.
  • Clear: Clears all predefined settings by Scriptcase or by user.

When selecting one of the categories that possess created templates, the user will have some setting options. All the applications will come with the Scriptcase default template configured.

Setting Options to Template configuration.

  • Edit: Allows the user to edit the name, mode and the defined hotkeys in the template.
  • Copy: Creates a copy of the selected template allowing to use the same configurations, change the name and hotkeys settings that the user desires.
  • Delete: Realizes the exclusion of the selected template.

When editing the name or the scope of a template, automatically all the related applications to them will lose your own configurations. Will be necessary configure the edited template again as in use in the application.