Security type

Select the way how Scriptcase users can access the interface.

Security System Type

Security Type

The method of data storage. We can select the following methods:


It stores the access data into the ScriptCase’s database.


It stores the access data into the LDAP Server and Scriptcase goes there to validate the access.

Security Level

Select the type of security. this option is independent of the storage method.


It defines the permissions for each user. You must configure them individually.


It defines the permissions for the User Groups. Here, we must associate the users to one or more groups and set the permissions for each group.


It defines the permissions by the groups and by users. The grant by the user overwrites the group grants. It allows having users existing in the same groups but with different permissions.

The security level option is the same independently of the Security Type. (Scriptcase or LDAP)


Managing user groups. You will see a list of the existing groups and some information about them.

This option will only be available on the left side menu when we select the Groups option in the Security Type

 Log configuration screen


Name of the groups.


Group Description.


The users from this group.


Set the projects that the users of this group can access.



Let you select the users for this group.


Let you edit the group information.


Delete the group.

You will see more details about the existing options.

New Group

Create new groups. We can define the privileges of the groups.

 Log configuration screen


The name of the group.


The group description.

Admin Privilege

It defines if the users of the group have Administrator Privileges.



Let you set which actions the group users can do when accessing a project.


It defines the permission to create applications.


It defines if the users can manage the database of the project.


Set the projects that the group users can access.

Admin projects

It defines if the group have Administrator grant for the project.


After creating the group, we can define which users are part of the group.

 Definition of group users


 This page let you sync with LDAP. We recommend using the LDAP Administrator user, this way, it lists all the group users of the server. So you can connect with LDAP into ScriptCase and you have the LDAP privileges there.

This option is available on the left side menu, if you select the LDAP option in Security Type

LDAP Server Connection Screen


IP of the LDAP server (Needs to be setup before proceeding).


Domain of the server.


Domain Component.


Administrator of the Server.


User password informed.


Server Port.

After saving the LDAP server connection, It lists the users and groups in the tabs according to the server. Initially, only the administrator user (The same used for LDAP connection) has access to ScriptCase. The Adminsitrator must enable other users and associate them with the groups.


You can see this option when selecting Users in the Security Level. It lists all the users from the LDAP server. We can manage the privileges of each user to the projects and options of ScriptCase.

List of registered users in the system


You can see this option when selecting Group in the Security Level. It lists all the groups from the LDAP server. You may access this tab to enable the groups and set their privileges.

Lists of groups created on the server

User / Groups

You can see this option when selecting the security level User/Groups. Here, there is two tabs. In this case, the permissions are defined for the group of users and/or individually by user. On this type of security, you must add the permissions of the group and user.

LDAP List of server groups and users