Scriptcase Update

ScriptCase update area. All the update process is done by the INTERNET, using our servers. We recommend using a fast connection.

If the computer hasn’t an INTERNET connection, it is necessary to realize the Scriptcase manual update.

Check our documentation about Manual Update according to your operating system:

Verifying Updates

Firstly, we must check if a new version of ScriptCase is available.

ScriptCase Update

Selecting Items for Update

Then we can choose if we want updating the documentation and “prod” files.

Verifying in the manual and prod of ScriptCase

Applying Scriptcase Updates

Then, we can see the total of files update found.

Downloading the update for ScriptCase

Do not interrupt the process after start the Update.

Ending the Update ProcessS

After downloading and updating all the files, you can see the log of changes done in the process: Click here to view ScriptCase update log.

Final process of updating ScriptCase

If you are having problems connecting to our server, check if your firewall is allowing the connections to these links: